Tuesday, 27 March 2012


After a little thoughtful nudge from the lovely Sophie, I knew I needed to make sure to blog again soon, but its taken me over two weeks to find the time! Resulting Leigh's recent post  I've had a little think and a little regroup as to why I blog. I have been dealing with quite a lot if negativity recently, and I think my self inflicted guilt as to the lack of blogging, and feeling that the content I do blog isn't good enough has gotten me into a bit of a tough spot. I like blogging regularly, but I need to realise that I just don't have that much free time anymore! Ive realised that I need to remind myself why I blog. This is my place to document my journey to a healthier life, to vent and to happy. And surprisingly to share this with a group if really lovely people who I consider to be friends.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely caring and thoughtful comments and suggestions on my last post. I guess I should update you with what happened with that first. I got my results back and they were negative! Initially I couldn't decide of I should be happy or not at a negative result, because I figured that if it was positive, at least I would have something concrete to fight against. However I also realise that its silly to wish that you are ill and I should be thankful that I'm healthy!

In my absence I have actually been losing weight.. shocking I know! No major weight loss, but I've never asked for that,  I just wanted to consistently lose a pound or two! I did gain half a pound this week but thats ok as I went out drinking all weekend, nearly every meal contained chips and I only went to one gym class out of three! If i deserve a gain them I'm OK with it! I'm all for going out and enjoying myself every once in a while! I've finally updated my weigh-in page, which turned into a bit of a nightmare as the losses wouldn't add up properly, but I got there in the end! Damn you Maths!

I am now within a pound of losing three and half stone and another pound on top of that means I will of lost a total of a whopping fifty pounds! Seems like a bit of an epic number really, cant get my head around it!

Unfortunately I have not been on my best behaviour this past weekend, mostly due to lack of planning n my part, and the fact that the sunshine made me crave cold beers, meals out and ice cream! I've been back on track since yesterday, I went to bootcamp and everything!

As I have not bogged in absolutely forever, I have the longest list of random bits I want to share with you! Apologies if the rest of this post isn't the most, concise but I'll try and make as much sense as possible! :)

First of, a few weeks ago now Iestyn and I decided to randomly book a Friday off and go  on a little day trip to Chester! We met up with the lovely Leigh for some lunch. It was good to see a  fellow blogger in the flesh,its been too long, and to prove to Iestyn that there are other people like me out there :P  She then took me to get my gait analysed and to buy new trainers. The guy was friendly and seemed to know his stuff, I ran on the treadmill a few times before picking out the pair which felt the best. They are the Mizuno Wave Inspire.

Picture dump ahoy!

Here's a random picture I found on my camera. Salad and water on one side, and a glass of rose and a bowl of chips on the other! It either shows perfect balance, or how bipolar my eating habits can be!

This is a meal Iestyn made me a few Fridays ago. Spiced Lamb Meatballs, Salad, Brown Rice, Cucumber and Yogurt dip, and there was some roasted veggies under the salad too!


I can't even remember when I made these, just that they were really good! I've had a craving for them in the past week, and had planned to make some last weekend, but never had the time! They are definitely happening this weekend!

Another random picture, nothing special really, I don't even remember what exactly was in this salad, looks like cous cous and houmous. What I do remember is that my sister was sat opposite me eating a takeaway Indain meal! That's dedication for you!

Talking of dedication, I've given up chocolate for Lent. And Bread. And while I was at it I gave up cheese too, cos that's the kind of masochistic person I am! Chocolate was the easy option, I gave it up last year,


As I mentioned above I have actually been experiencing steady weight loss again, I think pretty much averaging about a pound a week. I think the reason for this is that I've increased the time and intensity I exercise. My new exercise week looks like this:

Monday: Bootcamp
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Kettlebells
Thursday: Bootcamp
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long walk (optional)
Sunday: Run (optional)

I am absolutely loving both kettlebells and Bootcamp. They are both done at the same gym with the same instructor. Kettlebells is probably my favourite out of the two, I just love weight training. We do sometimes use kettlebells in bootcamp, but that is more cardio based usually. I think its good that every session is different, I never know what is coming next, and neither does my body! I think the fact I could probably do the Shred with my eyes closed wasn't the best sign! I also have someone making sure I don't give up until the 45 minutes is up! 

I'm also still loving yoga, although I do see it as a separate hobby to the exercise, if that makes sense? Its just pure me time, time to clear my mind! I don't really see it as exercise per se, but I do enjoy the stretching! The only problem with all these classes is that I'm spending £19.50 a week on classes at the moment, eeek! Problem is gyms in my area don't include classes as part of their membership, and I'd only save a pound off each class (but not yoga), so its not worth joining! At the moment I'm sticking with it as it seems to be working but I am looking into other options!  

As you can see my schedule is quite full, so I haven't been running as much as I used to, fitting in a weekly run is becoming a struggle, and I'm begining to miss it! Last run I went on was nearly three weeks ago now, eeek! It was quite an eventful run as well. I got dressed up ready to go, it was mild enough to only need a long sleeve top, bring on the summer!

And I got a snazzy new armband to run with, review coming soon!

However my run didn't really go as planned. I was felling pretty good, I think I was about to set a PB, and was running out a bit further than usual and was about to turn round when, BAM. I fell! I completely bashed up one side of my body, and this bruised up nicely! I've not actually fallen over in years, I forgot how it all happens in slow motion! I'm just glad that I didn't seriously hurt myself!

I'm really going to do my best to find the time to go out on a run this weekend. I'm hoping the other exercise has helped my stamina and I'll have a good run!

I really want to get into the habit of going on regular walks at the weekend, and we started off a few weeks ago with a trip to Abergwyngregyn Falls.

I remember Iestyn and I walked up to the waterfall a few weeks after I first joined Slimming World, and afterwards we promised to make it a regular ting. However we didn't get around to going again until the other week, over a year and a half later! 

I was hoping to see a massive improvement in how hard I found it after losing nearly three and a half stone, but I got a bit worried at the beginning as I forget how steep it is at the beginning. However as soon as we managed the first steep incline, it was pretty gradual after that. So pretty! 

The waterfall!

Yey we made it to the top!

On the way down I could see a glimpse of the sea!

Afterwards we realised that we needed some grub desperately, so we headed to our favourite cafe, Blue Sky in Bangor 

I had a Skinny Coconut Latte: divine!

And a lentil salad which also had roasted veg and Baba Ganoush, SOO GOOD! I like it just as much as my usual Blackened Tofu Salad!

We haven't managed to o on walks the past three weekends, the first two due to Iestyn and I being down in Cardiff. You might have heard that the rugby was on...? :)

The first week we went down for the game against Italy, and we actually had tickets!

CYMRU! After the game we celebrated with frozen yogurt, as you do. :)

Before the game we went to Milgis for some lunch, but I was a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures of the food! I had felafel's, which came with a range if different salads on the side, and the pitta bread was given to Iestyn. To drink I had a Masala Chai Latte, which was amazing!

Another food highlight of the weekend was the crayfish and avocado salad from Pret, can I have this delivered to my desk every day please?

Needless to say we were tired from a weekend of travelling, but we were hardcore and headed down again for the big Grand Slam game against France! We started off in the sun enjoying ourselves in front of the big screen.

However then the heavens opened and I got absolutely drenched!

And then after drying. Why I bothered blow drying and straightening my hair before leaving the house I don't know!

But as long as we could see a screen, we were happy!

After the Grand Slam win, there was a lot of celebrating, and I didn't crawl into bed until past 3am, even though we had been out drinking since 1am!

However unfortunately thing have caught up with me since returning home, as I have been ill for a week, I suspect a result of being caught in the rain. I actually took today off work as I didn't get to sleep till 4am, last night, and my glands are the size of golf balls. I'm hoping todays rest will make me better for tomorrow. I'm annoyed that I had to miss Yoga today, and I don't want to miss kettlebells tomorrow! :) <<<< Obsessed!

I really need to end this post now as it is scarily long. Kudos to you for reading it :) And Kudos for being generally amazing and supportive :) Unfortunately I can't promise that I will be returning to blogging regularly soon. Some of you might remember that last year I was doing an apprenticeship, and was lucky enough to be offered a job working at the company once the apprenticeship was over, which was great! As part of the apprenticeship there was also a college course and coursework to be completed, and so every Friday for nine months I went to the college, and work was handed in at the end of November. However a few weeks ago I found out that there has been a major cock up. Turns out that there was a lot of work that we hadn't done, and it seems like the tutor was fully aware of this as he conveniently found a new job and left the college before the shit hit the fan! He was even claiming mileage to come see me at work, but he never came, which is ridiculous! As you an imagine I am extremely annoyed and frustrated that somebody else's ineptitude in doing their job, means that I now have  allot of work to do! Some of the modules I've already done, I have to just present in a different format which should be easy enough, but I don't really have a grasp yet as to the extent of work that has to be done! Argh! 

Additionally, with my new work out schedule, my evenings are pretty packed, and I generally don't have a minute to myself till about 10 pm! I'm hoping to move things around so that I have more time, and actually being at home for the coming weekends will also make a nice change!

Hopefully I'll be back in the not to distance future, probably with yet another epic post! I am also stupidly behind with blog reading, and haven't been commenting that much so that I can get through them quicker, but I do hope everyone is doing well! x