Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Review: Twinings Green Tea

I don't think I even need to tell you how much I love tea. Peppermint, Assam, Darjeeling, Orange and Coconut, Chai, Lady Gray... my favourites go on and on.

However one type of tea that I'm not that fond of is Green Tea. Now don't get me wrong, I will drink it, but I think I like the idea of green tea more than I like the taste of it. I think its a bit of a novelty, whenever I'm having sushi, and I like the routine of it, especially when using tea leaves, and watching them uncurl when hot water is boiled over. 

So when Twinings asked me to write a review about one of their teas, I jumped at the chance, only to not feel quite as excited as I usually would when I discovered that it was a green tea review that they required.

One of the reason's I want to like green tea is for the supposed health benefits due to antioxidant levels, which are thought to protect the body from free radials and promote weight loss. 

Mainly due to the health benefits, I want to like green tea, so I took this as an opportunity to find one that suited me. I quickly went on their website to see what options I had, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! So many different varieties, I was starting to feel hopeful that I would find one I liked! They had plenty of green teas which were blended with other flavours such as mint, orange, raspberry and Earl Grey.

I decided that a good plan would be to chose a flavour I know I already like, so I chose the Green Tea with Apple and Pear.

And then came the taste test! Here's a quick tip for you: when making green tea, before pouring hot water on top of the tea bag, first fill your mug with a bit of cold water. I find that pouring boiling water directly on the teabag can make the green tea very bitter (I think due to the water burning the leaves), and so adding some cold water in your mug first helps cool the water.

I have to say, initial reaction were positive! I think the balance of green tea vs, the apple and pear flavour was perfect, I found that the apple and pear flavour was the most prominent, but I could definitely still taste the green tea, which was good! Additionally, even when I kept my teabag steeped in the mug until I finished drinking, I didn't find that the tea became too strong and overpowering, which can sometimes happen with herbal teas.  

Both at home and at work, people have been interested in the green tea. Quite a few of them, like me, have tried liking green tea, but failed. I shared a few of the teabags with a few of them, and all but one was converted, which I think is a win! :) I am quickly working myself through this box, and am looking forward to giving a different flavour a try. So far I'm stuck between trying the orange and lotus flower and the light and delicate with mint? Both? Which one would you try?

Twinings also have a Facebook page which is a great way of keeping up with all the different products they have. And they have competitions!

Full disclosure: The tea was supplied to me by Twinings, and I am being compensated for writing this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


tam said...

I was sent a box to try from twinnings which I'm posting about tonight! I fon't usually likd green tea but I got on with all the twinnings flavours : )

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