Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cookie Exchange

Last Sunday I spent the afternoon baking for the lovely Lucy as part of Tamzin's Biscuit Swap!

I made two different kinds: Apple and Oatmeal cookies, and Hazelnut Bakes -which were supposed to be coffee flavoured, but I didn't brew strong enough coffee :( ! It wasn't until I was half way through baking that I realised I'd chosen two simlar recipes as they are both oat based, but I chose them as I thought they would work well with a coffee, and I know Lucy likes her Latte's!

(Just a side note- this bowlful kept me going through the baking- love them!)

In return I received some nicely packaged cookies!

Lucy was very kind to me, I received both Peanut Butter Cookies and Mango, Coconut and Brazil Nut Cookies! YUM! These arrived yesterday, and there really aren't that many left! Really scrummy! My mum is requesting the recipes :)

In other news last week I lost a pound! Whoo! That means I have now lost three and a half stone, and am within a pound of the elusive fifty pound goal. I know that if I would of powered through this week that extra pound would of been well within my grasps, but unfortunately quite the opposite has happened. As I've already mentioned I've eat quite a few cookies! I actually had biscuits instead of dinner on Sunday evening- bad nutrition! 

And then on top of that my gym has cancelled its classes for the next three weeks, and I have to say, I am feeling  abit lost! If it was only a week I could deal with it, but three weeks is a long time, and I do believe that it is those sessions at the gym that has re-booted my weight-loss recently. On Monday I went bouldering, as I hadn't been since January, and it was nice to do something different. Last night was my usual yoga class (at a different gym!), and then tonight I had planned a run, but I think I have a slight pull in my leg from yoga/bouldering, which I didn't want to test, plus a run last week seems to have re-aggravated my shins and knee! I'm falling apart! ha! I do feel like a bit of a fail for jibbing my exercise today though! 

The run in question was actually done last Thursday at the gym. I am not a member of the gym as the classes aren't included in the package, and you only have a pound off classes if you are a member, so I don't think its worth it financially. However when Iestyn ad I turned up to Thursdays bootcamp we discovered that it had been cancelled due to a family emergency, and that they had contact everyone that usually attends ( there's only really about seven regulars!), except for three of us which weren't members so they didn't have our numbers. To make up for this they said we could have free-reign of the gym if we wanted, so I decided to go for a run on the treadmill, something I haven't done in over a year! 

Firstly, I forgot how boring it is running on a treadmill! Outside I'm constantly having to think about which way to go, puddles to avoid etc. etc, but after about six minutes I actually found myself thinking 'shit, I've ran out of things to think about!', cos I don't know about anyone else, but my number one trick when running is not to think about it! Secondly, I could immediately tell how much easier it is running on a treadmill vs. running outside! I ran 6 minutes in my first interval- outside I do five max, and am absolutely dying! I think I could of done ten, but I was still recovering from a sore throat and was getting a bit wheezy; I needed to stop for a drink to clear my throat!

I'm half thinking that its quite a good thing to have a rest from exercising every day, both mentally and physically, its just that three weeks is such a long time, and I know a rest will effect the scales negatively! I will definitely have to make more of an effort over the next week to fit in extra activity- I'm thinking running, the shred, and swinging that kettlebell (!) - however with it being Easter weekend, and the fact that I will be allowed to eat bread, cheese and chocolate again, I was also planning to be a little bit more relaxed in my eating. All these challenges seem to come and test me at once! I guess I'll just have to see what I can do! 

The third week the gym isn't doing classes is because they are doing a week long bootcamp, two hours every week night for a week for £50. I was initially interested in it, but after hearing what they did last year, I think it would be too hard for me. They go running through a forest in my town, but I know just running to the forest from the gym would be enough for me! Plus the instructor seemed to ask everyone else if they were going to do it, but not me, which made me think that he thinks it wold be too hard core for me too! Oh well, I might change my mind about it again, or I might just have to create my own bootcamp... now there's an idea...!

Do you have a 'back-up' exercise routine? I guess I just revert to my old routine of running and Jillian DVD's!

Favourite biscuit/cookie? anything with nuts in it for me!


tam said...

Yum looks like you made and received some fab cookies! DVD's are a great substitute if you can't get to the gym for sure!! Favourite cookie hmmm peanut, coconut or lemon are top of the list! X

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