Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Review: Vegesentials

Recently I was sent the range of Vegesentials juices to try. You all know that recently I bought a juicer, and am loving using it, however I have to say that the Veggesentials really appeal as a convenient option. 

When you make a fresh juice it is always best to drink it straight away because as the  juice gets exposed to air, its live enzymes begin to degrade, therefore decreasing the nutritional content. These juices are cold pressed and cold pressurised and aren't heat pasterurised which means that you get all the goodness of the fruit and vegetables on the go.

A lot of juices currently on the market tend to be all fruit, but all the Vegesentials juices contain half fruit and half vegetables, and with great combinations such as Carrot, Peach and Cucumber or Beetroot, Pomegranate and Carrot you're sure to find one that you love, and you won't be missing any fruit.

I often find that when I'm on the go my drink choices are generally limited to water, tea, coffee, or if I'm very lucky, perhaps a coconut water. These juices are available in Waitrose, Ocado and Wholefoods, and I will happily be picking one up next tine I see one. Using my juicer at home can sometimes be such a faff just because I have to clear the juicer afterwards, so I love that there is no cleaning involved!

My favourite flavour out of all of the flavours was the Beetroot, Blueberry and Cucumber. I was also sent a few bottles which were slightly smaller, which are aimed at children. I loved these as I'm always the person that never finishes their drink, so the smaller option is great. As I find them to be sweet, I find a little bit kills the sweet craving straight away for me: I found the Cucumber and Pineapple flavour particularly refreshing!

I received a lovely handwritten letter by the founders of Vegesentials, Patience and Andrew, explaining how they started the business after a health scare that forced them to radically change their lifestyle. I thought that receiving a lovely handwritten letter was such a personal touch, it just shows you the values this family run business have.

Have you tried any of the Vegesentials juices?

Disclaimer: these products were sent to me to review, but all thoughts and views are my own.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

A new cookbook and visiting Cheltenham

Hello all.

Can you believe that up until two weeks ago, I didn't own a paleo cookbook? I tend to just throw things together, or just adapt non paleo recipes, but I decided that it was about time I get some extra inspiration, so I bought The Paleo Slowcooker, and I love it! So many recipes that I want to try, so I spent a week trying out a few of them.

The first recipe was the beef brisket in espresso bean BBQ sauce: I don't think I need to explain why that was the first recipe in the book I wanted to try! I have to say it did not disappoint, even though I might of left it in the slow cooker slightly too long which resulted in a few charred bits, but thankfully it was salvageable.

Have you ever made Okra? I think I tried it a few years ago when it was all over the American blogs, but haven't picked them up since. I couldn't quite remember what to do with them so I just roasted them in the oven for about fifteen minutes. I quite like them, but Iestyn isn't a fan. Carrot and cheese mash and a bit of ketchup to dip the okra in finished off the meal.

The next recipe I tried was the honey mustard chicken which was lovely, however I ended up putting them under the grill to crisp up, so I think next time I would just cook them in the oven and skip the slow cooker as I love the crispy skin.

The leftovers were eaten in bed on Saturday morning was a mug of coffee blended with coconut oil.

When I  returned home from North Wales and my bag was a bit heavier than usual due to the fact that Iestyn was making me take three packs of local beefburgers with me! They did make a lovely meal on our return though.

Lamb meatballs, salad, avocado and tomato salad, cucumber dip and pine nuts. I love pine nuts, I think they might work well in the meatballs next time.

I haven't written much about my exercise routine lately, but CrossFit is still happening and I'm finding that I'm getting more and more into a routine. Seeing the above sign when I walk out feels great every time.

I bought a side of salmon as it was half price in Tesco so it only cost me £10. I've never bought a whole side before, and I couldn't decided if I should cook it all in one go, or portion it up, but in the end I went the safe route and portioned it up to go in the freezer, so I'm looking forward to some easy salmon dinners.

My hair has been in dire need of a cut for a good two weeks, it had got to thepoint where I had to give myself a sweeping side fringe while I waited, but finally I managed to pop to the salon to get a trimmed, as you can tell above, I really couldn't see well beforehand!

I wore this dress which was courtesy of Joules and has had a lot of positive comments on Instagram.

With a pretty dress on and a newly trimmed fringe, we went out to explore our local area, and decided to head to the Waterloo Tearoom for lunch. I started off with a really great latte.

I had the walnut and Stilton salad, which was lovely, but a bit on the light side - Iestyn's beef sandwich looked lovely.

Obviously when you order a salad for lunch, it means you can opt for a piece of cake afterwards. I had a lovely gluten free butternut squash, orange and blueberry cake. I stole a piece of tia maria and coffee cake which was also fab.

On Sunday we decided to go on  bit of a road trip to Cheltenham, just for a bit of a nosey more than anything. We first headed for the art museum, and as we'd only had some fruit for breakfast, we decided to have a mid morning snack in the form of the best sausage roll I've ever had. It was quite spicy and tomatoy, and I also had a latte and read the Sunday morning papers

My main reason for wanting to go to the art gallery was because they had Rodin's 'The Kiss' which I#ve always wanted to see. I've felt that I haven't been to an art gallery in forever, I can't believe I still haven't been to any of the ones in Cardiff! It was nice being back in that environment.

We then went for a bit of a wander around Cheltenham, although with it being a Sunday it was quite quiet. We stopped off for tea and cake, although I chose a super rich one as I could only eat half of it!

Other than the art gallery there was one other Cheltenham  landmark that I really wanted to visit: Wholefoods! I know it's a bit sad to go on a day out just to visit a supermarket, but I like to think I'm in company with like minded people, and that you all would do the same too... right?! 

I spent ages perusing the chocolate section: I was limiting myself to two bars, although when I realised that one of the bars I'd picked up was £7, it made my selection a bit easier!

I nearly bought one of these coconuts, however at £3 each I put it back: have any of you tried one? Do you get much coconut water in them?

We decided that it was a shame to come so far without eating something in the cafe (!), so we shared some nachos. These were seriously the best nachos I have ever had, I will definitely be buying these again! I also went for a coconut mocha, but it ended up being far too sweet so I couldn't really drink it. 

This is me telling Iestyn to hurry up and take a picture!

And here's the loot: spaghetti squash, coconut water, carrots, Pulsin' protein bars, steak, duck eggs, herbs, greek yogurt, raspberry chocolate, sourdough bread, coffee, peppermint tea, cacao nib chocolate, Coyo yoghurt, tortillas and Omega 3 Fish Oil... phew!

Do you have any recipe books that you recommend? I feel like I need to extend my collection!

Sunday, 2 March 2014


Here are a few snippets from a few weeks ago:

I went for brunch with Iestyn. He ordered the buttermilk pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. I decided to go fir the chicken and chorizo salad, which Iestyn said looked better than his pancakes: healthy eating win!

I've been on a mission for the past few weeks to make the best fish pie

This was my second attempt, and I'm still not hundred percent happy with it before posting the recipe.

It's just a bit too gloopy, but at least it tastes good!

You might of noticed that I've been cooking lots of joint of meat: this time round it was a ham joint which I haven't cooked before. I wasn't sure what do do I just pressed some cloves into  the skin and added a tablespoon of honey which in hindsight I don't think was enough to make a difference. I then just added some water to the bottom and cooked on low for about seven hours

The ham made fab lunches for the week.

And it made the perfect dinner of ham egg and chips. I swear I haven't had this meal since I was a little girl, I can't wait to have it again.

I headed hone for the weekend again where I went fir lunch with my sister to in Bangor and when I saw the meat salad on the menu I had to for it. 

I hope you enjoyed a snippet into what I've been eating lately: have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Beef Brisket and a Week of Eats

Hello! How are you all? I hope you're all keeping well, especially considering the severe weather we've had across the UK this past week: bring on teh Spring!

As is the norm these days I am behind with blogging, so here's my eats from two weeks ago.

To start off I have to share one of the best things I've made in ages: Jamie Oliver's Beef Brisket. I did blog about it in a WIAW post, but it was so great, I just had to mention it again. I  just know that I'm going to be making this again and again for years to come. The beef is cooked on a low temperature for a few hours, so that it just melt in you mouth: delicious.

I was super excited that I had the leftovers for lunch the next day.

And also more beef with the leftover onion gravy with cauliflower rice and runner beans.

With the start of the week involving such a yummy food, it's always a worry that the rest of the week is going to pale in comparison, but I didn't do too badly!

I made a batch of lemon, garlic and oregano baked chicken, which made up lunches for the week. I'm also really loving cottage cheese at the moment. 

This was steak with boiled carrots mixed with some feta: a bit of a random combination, but it tasted good. This is what happens when I come home from CrossFit and need to eat NOW!!!

How colourful is this bowl? A load of mixed veggies with beef mince and tomato sauce.

Pulled pork is one of my go to recipes now. I simply sliced a load of onions to put in the bottom of the slow cooker along with a centimetre of water, smothered the pork in my favourite spices, and cooked on low over night.

Perfect pulled pork with cheesy cauliflower mash and green beans.

Breakfasts for the week were the usual variation of eggs, but one morning I had a slice of Fat Almond Pancake with greek yoghurt, almond butter, frozen blueberries and flaked almonds. I actually ate this in the car on the way to work: getting lifts from Iestyn are so convenient, it meant I could really savour my breakfast.

Snacks this week have either been Protein Fluff, the above being frozen blueberries with chocolate whey protein.

Or fruit and greek yoghurt, the above been mango, desiccated coconut and persimmon.

So there is another week of eats: I hope you all had a week of yummy eats too!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Hello everyone! This weeks WIAW is from Saturday. Not an ideal day of eating as it is slightly lacking in veggies as I was due to do a food shop, but I think I didn't do too bad except for dinner which was massively lacking in veggies!

 Half a chicken and chorizo omellete with avocado and ketchup made a great breakfast .

All these veggies were on their way out so I made a very purple juice.

For lunch I had leftover pulled pork with runner beans and cottage cheese.

Afternoon snack was half an apple with greek yoghurt, dessicated coconut, almond butter, pomegranate seeds and chopped nuts. 

Dinner was a gluten free wrap with sausages and sweet potato chips. I've not had a gluten free wrap before, bit it was prety good, a different texture to usual wraps, but not in a bad way! I also had a glass of wine while watching The Voice- a lovekyway to relax on a Saturday night.

I still felt pretty hungry so I made protein fluff using cherries and vanilla protein powder. This stuff is so filling, I was struggling when eating it and couldn't finish it! 

What was the best thing you ate today?